Dear future architects, never lose your optimism

Dear future architects,

Architecture is an inherently optimistic profession. The very act of designing and building requires hope, it needs it. We need it.

If you’re just entering the profession, there are a lot of opportunities for disappointment ahead, I ask that you take them in stride. Don’t give up the good fight.

The Heisler Residence - Unbuilt 2011

The Heisler Residence – Unbuilt 2011

The job won’t turn out to be what you imagined, the day to day work will be less fulfulling than you’d hoped, and the perfect project that you imagine will be ‘the one’ to really build your practice will get cancelled. As exhausting as school was at times, the profession can be equally so. So how do you get through it? How do you decide to pick the sharpie back up, and start again tomorrow? Two things: Friendship and Humor.

Make new friends (AIA Convention 2016)

Make new friends (AIA Convention 2016)

There’s never been an easier time to make new friends. Seek out like-minded colleagues, locally and beyond. Make real connections, enjoy others company, visit and compliment their work. Join your local chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Tour buildings, attend social events, and commiserate with one another, celebrate each other’s successes.

Gwynn Island Residence - Unbuilt 2016

Gwynn Island Residence – Unbuilt 2016

As for humor, there are so many blogs, cartoons, more cartoons, and podcasts.

Simply put, we aren’t alone. Someone has been through exactly what you’re going through. It’s easy to give into pessimism. It’s easy to let your frustration with the profession get to you and turn on your fellow architect, don’t let it. Life is too short for that. Instead, make the profession better, start a movement, do good work. Then tell us about it.

Never lose your optimism. We need it.

Without hope, architecture could not be practicable. We cannot afford the luxury of pessimism. Daniel Libeskind

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    Great post, Rusty! It’s too easy to be negative, but this profession needs positivity.

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    It takes one to know one. 😉

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