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Photos from the Road

Today, I drove down to Creswell, NC for a C/A meeting at Pettigrew State Park. For the record, I was stopped while taking each of these photos. (An easy feat when the usual travel speed drops to 20-30 miles per hour at best.) The park and nearby fields are quite gorgeous in this snow. Though construction was […]

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The McCowan Residence in Foreclosure

The McCowan Residence, which I had the pleasure of touring back in 2008 with my friends Mark, Katie, and Ladye Jane, is now in foreclosure. I came across this bit of sad news, courtesy of Triangle Modernist Houses. This rather large piece of modernism was designed by Vincent Petrarca’s Tonic Design. I hate to see […]

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Cary Town Council Members Deposed by Four Unknown Assailants

In a harrowing and bizarre turn of events Monday afternoon, Cary’s Town Council was besieged by four as-yet unidentified activists. The fringe group, identifying themselves only as the Suburban Poultrification Alliance, forcefully removed four beloved members of Town Council and immediately called an emergency session of the council.

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Raleigh Wide Open – Convention Center Opening

Raleigh Wide Open 3 happened on schedule, despite the threat of Tropical Storm Hanna. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this annual festival was the grand opening of the City’s new Convention Center. The building occupies the space of a much smaller convention building, that was built in the late seventies and demolished in 2006.

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AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design

A little bit of news on the Architecture front. Blue Lime Studio has released some new rendered images of the upcoming American Institute of Architects NC Headquarters building in Raleigh. The project was part of a statewide competition which brought in 69 proposals from across North Carolina to design a new headquarters for the AIA. […]

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